Service List

1BPOST with DPD dropoff★★★★☆8.2(10)20KgTransit Times
2BPOST with Collect+ Dropoff★★★★☆9.6(237)10KgTransit Times
3BPOST with DPD Collection★★★★☆9.1(33)30KgTransit Times
4BPOST Depot(Heathrow) Dropoff★★★★☆8.7(3)30KgTransit Times
5BPOST Small ParcelsN/A5KgTransit Times
6BPOST with UPS collection★★★★☆9.5(4)30KgTransit Times
7BPOST with UPS DropoffN/A20KgTransit Times
9DPD with Local DropoffN/A20KgTransit Times
10DPD Dropoff for BPOST (no collection)N/A20KgTransit Times
15DPD Next Day with Collection★★★★★10(1)30KgTransit Times
19DPD Two Days with CollectionN/A30KgTransit Times
24ParcelForce Global Priority★★★★☆9(2)30KgTransit Times
25ParcelForce Economy with Collection★★★★☆9.6(52)30KgTransit Times
26ParcelForce Economy Depot Dropoff★★★★☆9.7(63)30KgTransit Times
27ParcelForce Economy Postoffice Dropoff★★★★☆9.1(110)30KgTransit Times
29UPS collection for BPOSTN/A30KgTransit Times
30UPS Domestic Service with CollectionN/A70KgTransit Times
31UPS Domestic Service with Dropoff to Access PointN/A20KgTransit Times
32UPS Dropoff for BPOSTN/A30KgTransit Times
33UPS Express Saver with CollectionN/A70KgTransit Times
34UPS Express Saver for Document with CollectionN/A2.5KgTransit Times
35UPS Express Saver for Document DropoffN/A2.5KgTransit Times
36UPS Express Saver with DropoffN/A20KgTransit Times
38UPS Standard with CollectionN/A70KgTransit Times
39UPS Standard with DropoffN/A20KgTransit Times
40UPS Standard with Collection (Multiple Boxes)N/A70KgTransit Times
41UPS Standard with Dropoff (Multiple Boxes)N/A20KgTransit Times